Cleanup & a Grip of New Module Ideas

A project log for Retro Modules

Production-Ready Modular Prototypes using Hardy Connectors of Yesteryear

yesnoioyesnoio 07/18/2016 at 04:520 Comments

Just finished up editing module ideas I've been dwelling on since February. Since the specification is now fairly stable, the focus now is: what can be built? Many big custom builds are just that: big & custom. Once demoed... they may be purposefully destroyed or fall into disrepair. With a basic open spec, modular parts of a big build can be salvaged & saved for later. Most of the ideas in this latest proposal are bigger ideas -- broken up. I'm looking forward to building a bunch of these. Since I do not (nor will ever have) the time to build all the things, I have included many references to other components & in some cases, other projects.