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Cool little ESP8266 Breakout Board / Flasher for NodeMCU

technolomaniactechnolomaniac 05/20/2015 at 00:252 Comments

For anyone interested, I've added this little kit + the ESP8266 module to the Hackaday store. A good deal at < $20. You'll still need a USB-Serial adapter but with that, you'll be set to take over the world. :)


Metalnat wrote 11/13/2016 at 04:59 point The eagle files exist and as part of this class  and project have been made available.  So in theory, one could have the boards made by oshpark if you really wanted the board.

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Jean-Christophe Duperron wrote 11/12/2016 at 07:38 point

I wish only the board...

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