Log #3: Paint and Rebuild

A project log for Auto/Paddle Shifter Go-Kart

Arduino Automatic Go-Kart with Paddles

Matt RouseMatt Rouse 03/15/2018 at 08:120 Comments

Once all the sanding was done, it was time to paint. We wanted to do this properly and get the best finish possible, so the plan was fine sanding, wash with Methylated Spirits before moving on to Primer, Base Coat and finally Clearcoat. For the main colour of the Kart we went for a Metallic Midnight Purple and for the accents Satin Black.

Originally we underestimated the amount of paint we would need. We ended up needing 13 cans of spray paint for 2 coats per type of coat. The purple came out really good and looks incredible in direct sunlight however we had a few issues with the black paint, for some reason it would not stick to the primer (or even bare metal). Due to the limited funding for the project we just went with it and tried to get the best out of the situation, in the future we will re-paint the parts that were affected. 

Unfortunately as the holidays drew to a close I had to leave the project unfinished as I had school work to do. The Go-Kart is almost fully rebuilt, it just needs the electrical harness, the brake system (Still needs a bit of paint on the master cylinder) and the clutch lever on the steering wheel. 

For the next two weeks since I am at school I will be working on the Electronic/Programming side of things! For now have a good week everyone, looking forward to bring you another update in a week or two.