V4 tested and working

A project log for Locking ball and socket gooseneck system

3D printed ball and socket joint with a quarter turn twist lock at each joint. Brick shithouse goosenecks!

alex-richAlex Rich 05/17/2015 at 19:230 Comments

Tested my new spin and think this will work much better. With my printer I am able to turn past first two "locked" positions by hand, the third position I need a wrench to get to. In the third position the ball is very hard to move, I think this position will be useful over time as the ball and socket wear and things get loose, you will be able to tick the tension up a notch to compensate.

More from my version description:

"V4(5/17/15): Redesigned nut so that it fits on the socket regardless of the accuracy and layer height of the printer (within reason). See gif below illustrating the principle. Basically on a more accurate printer the ball will fit better int he socket, not expanding it as much. On less accurate printers the socket expands more. Depending on the expansion, the nut can be tightened to up to three "locked" positions. So you won't have a loose fit on a high accuracy printer but will have no problem getting the nut to turn on a low accuracy printer."