Lamp design finished

A project log for Locking ball and socket gooseneck system

3D printed ball and socket joint with a quarter turn twist lock at each joint. Brick shithouse goosenecks!

alex-richAlex Rich 09/03/2015 at 00:330 Comments

Check out this rendering of my lamp design! The metal materials came out a little bit blue looking but I was tired of tinkering with it. Overall I think it is pretty cool looking.

The lamp uses a 1 W LED from Adafruit, product id 518. The power source is a 9V battery which dovetails into a special jaw plate for Stickvise. More info to come once I get a chance to build everything up and test it, I will release the files once I am happy with it.

A side effect of this experiment is that I realized the ball and socket system works even better with copper wire running through the linkages. It adds a little extra damping/resistance to the bending which gives it a nice feel!