Repairs You Can Print: Mic Holder

Using Fusion 360 to replace rubberized mic holder

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Part 3 and 4 in the instructions belong at the end.
With the remaining pieces of the previous mic holder to dimension out to a model and print to easily replace the rubber material mic holder.

The mic holder has two parts one that attaches of the mic stand, and the other attaches to the mic. The rubberized holder part started to crumble because of old age. This made 3D printing a great opportunity to fix  something that would otherwise need to be thrown away and replaced.

  • 1
    Flat Part Of Mic Holder

    Starting with the flat part to tackle an easier sketch. Using calipers to measure out parts from the broken mic holder. The spline was added for decoration, it could have just been a line. The dimensions that are shown are what I felt were important to this part, the rest are to complete the component

  • 2
    Extruding the flat piece

    This is extruded with a width of 4.5mm

  • 3
    There is one more step after this!!! (OPTIONAL) Little details

    Using the chamfer tool to add a bevel where the mic gets slotted in and a fillet on the top edges so that there are no sharp edges. (not sure how much that helped)

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