Drilling and Soldering PCBs

A project log for Nixie 'Display of Things'

Use a combination of six Nixie tubes with a 16x2 LCD display and Pi2 with Adafruit Proto-Perma HAT to display information.

Jon Davies Jon Davies "Woody" 05/12/2015 at 02:410 Comments

As a result of my findings shared in a previous log entry, I decided to drill extra holes in the 'tube cell' PCBs to accommodate the 'comma' leads. This means that I will have the option to make use of these connections in the future. I drilled these holes on a Drill Press [so much easier!] without marking exactly where they should be, and reckoned the size of the holes would accommodate for inaccuracies in position.

Next up, I soldered in the pin headers for the 'tube cells'..., pin headers and a ribbon connector on the Adafruit T-Cobbler Plus...

...and finally, the pin header on the HV Module...

...all in all a good evening's work - finished off with a pint in the pub :)