Makita Jobsite Radio Modification

Replace all parts inside a Makita Radio and make it sound better

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Complete rebuild of a Makita Jobsite Radio. From AM/FM Radio to

* FM

* Very Loud!

Step 1.
Open the Radio and remove everything inside, except for the speakers.

Step 2
Grind off all the excess mouldings off the face plate to allow a flush mounted fascia

Step 3
Cut Laminex sheet to fit the fascia space and cut in the extra holes required for the MP3 player, volume knob and power button

Step 4
Using a 12v mp3 player from ebay as the source of music, it gets mounted up the top
I bought a 15w +15w 8Ohm amplifier to power the speakers. The original amp in the Makita radio is only a 3.5w + 3.5w and the speakers are 10w each. Not sure why they have gone so low with the amplifier.
I also mounted an illuminated power button again from ebay to power the radio on and off.

Its currently running from a 12v power supply from the wall. It powers the button and onced turned on, it sends power to the amp and the radio.

I am waiting for a step down transformer so that I can use the 18V battery from Makita to slip in the back and then drop the voltage to 12v and run the system.

  • Step Down Transformer

    Steve05/13/2015 at 12:54 0 comments

    Just received the step down transformer this afternoon, so I installed it and is now functioning off the battery.

    Totally rocks!

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ianthomas121 wrote 04/03/2016 at 02:42 point

Could you please add more info as to what gets soldered to what, speacially the amp, and stepdown module?

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Steve wrote 05/12/2015 at 10:44 point

The volume is amazing.  Still very clear and crisp sound.

Works a treat.  Straight off USB stick... plays randomly, repeats and has built in eq presets.

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