RFID Access to a 3D printer

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RFID Arduino Access, Stand Alone or USB controlled

Share equipement, space, etc. with anyone via secure and logged interface.

The printer needs training to be used properly (or it needs a lot of up-keep).

To ensure only trained "responsible" use is also... time consuming... so

This is one (of many) way to provide access to a large, ever changing group, with out much overhead, to a 3D printer or other equipment (that has a safety stop input, or just power it off ).

The hardware is plug and play, no soldering required.

The firmware supports RFID 125Khz, or NFC

This is optimized for "quick", it could be optimized for $$$ if needed.

Secure enough, not uber secure... there are other solutions for that.

  • 1 × arduino-leonardo AVR with 32+ code space, I2C,, SPI, UART, and some DIO
  • 1 × SD-Card Shield Access file and log file
  • 1 × Grove-Relay Output to grant access
  • 1 × Grove-125Khz RFID Reader Uart based key entry
  • 1 × Grove LCD-RGB Backlight display UI

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