Working toward FlexSEA-Execute 0.2

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OSHW+OSS to enable the next generation of powered prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons. Let’s make humans faster/better/stronger!

Jean-François DuvalJean-François Duval 09/06/2015 at 21:340 Comments

In The evolution of FlexSEA prototypes I’m showing the first 3 generations of FlexSEA-Execute designs. While the 3rd generation, FlexSEA-Execute 0.1 (I know, it’s the third one but I named it 0.1 because I changed the naming convention and it felt wrong to start with 0.3!) is stable and functional, nothing is ever perfect. In my thesis I wrote down:

List of modifications that do not require circuit modifications (only BOM changes):

List of modifications requiring circuit modifications:

Of course, since then I had many improvement ideas. But first, I need to run a series of experiment to confirm/infirm some parts of the design:

Other than minor technical fixes, the biggest improvements will be the wireless communication and the high supply voltage. Once I’m done with that list (spoiler alert, I already found answers for some of the questions!) I’ll implement all the changes in Altium and roll-out a new batch of Execute boards. This should keep me busy for the next few weeks!

Do you see something missing? What feature would you integrate?