This is a prosthetic hand that is made by arduino mega and controlled through android device.

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This is a prosthetic hand that is controlled by voice commands. An android application is used to five input to arduino. There are many people who are physically disabled. In our daily life our hands play an important role in doing basic activities but what about the unfortunate people who are not able to use their hand’s or don’t have hand’s. It is difficult for them to live a normal life, without depending on others.This project RE-ARM will help such people to work independently and will be available at cheaper rate. It will also have exercise mode which can be selected and set a start time and end time for it. By this feature we are trying to eliminate the dependency of the partially paralyzed people on others to perform their daily exercises. It can also be used as an Artificial hand(Prosthetic limb). The development cost of Re-Arm is 5600 only. It can operate in 3 different modes 1. Single mode 2 . mirror mode 3. Exercise mode.

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Look at those guys. They are shaking Japan during last two months

Maybe you would take some ideas from them

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