Mini Bike

Low budget electric mini bike
Purpose: cool, easy, cheap way to get around campus

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These are designs in Tinkercad for the frame and look of the mini bike.

I have 3-D printed the mini-bike. The 3-D model can seen in the gallery of pictures. The model allows me to stress test certain parts of the bike. For example: the front fork of the bike is a stress point between itself and connection to the rest of the frame. 

In light of the model and welding opportunities, I will be using steel as the metal of choice for this build. I will mainly be gathering old bicycle frames, chopping them up, and re-welding a frame. 

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  • 1 × 1800 watt 48 volt electric motor
  • 1 × 1800 watt 48 volt controller
  • 1 × Throttle
  • 8 × 12 volt 10 amp batteries By connecting the 8 batteries in parallel and series, I can achieve 48 volts and 20 amps.
  • 1 × Chain

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    I will be cutting up and taking apart bicycle frames, welding them together.

    4 batteries will be connected via series. The other 4 will be connected via parallel. batteries will be mounted on the front panel of the frame.

    The motor will be mounted to back plate of the frame, and chain linked to the rear wheel.

    Controller will mounted along the front side of the frame, motor and throttle will be connect-one speed.

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