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Home design 6502 based breadboard computer (BBC!) with bespoke programming language, full graphics, sound and SD card storage.

6502Nerd6502Nerd 05/30/2016 at 13:500 Comments

I have decided to start a new log dedicated to dflat, the programming language I have built. I'll tidy up the other logs for duplication, but here will be detailed information and demos to show the capabilities.

I had an initial video of a demo space invaders type game on youtube but decided to replace it with something more extensive and some commentary which I hope helps. This is basically a complete game, takes up around 6500 bytes of source code (which is tokenised to around 4500 bytes in memory). It's extremely rudimentary, but about the quality of type in games found in magazines of the early 80s, so I'm not too embarrassed by the effort. During the programming of this game, I had some strange things occur which I traced back to a couple of serious bugs in dflat around the saving of state when calling a procedure - luckily not too difficult to fix.

I am still impressed with the speed of dflat. My old Oric-1 would have struggled..