nrf24le1 Wiring Library

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The Wiring framework makes the software side of microprocessor development easier, and it helps to make code portable.

I had a use for the Nordic nrf24 SoC chips, and saw it would be a bit of a learning curve.

This project builds upon some impressive work already done by others, in particular Brennen at , and makes the chips fairly easy to use.

This is used in another of my projects,

Github Repo for this project is here.

This is a work in progress, although largely finished. I have added functions as I needed them. Some parts of the Wiring framework don't port very well and others I have not implemented due to size constraints. Some I just haven't needed yet.

There are also a few device libraries I wrote; the lux sensor bh1750, the temperature and humidity sensor si7020, and also a trimmed down port of maniacbug's RF24 library.

  • 1 × arduino to program the chip
  • 1 × some sort of chip breakout or development board to access the pins

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    Step 1

    Make your programmer from an arduino. Download the sketch of my fork from the links section and upload it to an arduino. The sketch has wiring information to your nrf24le1. It is a slightly modified fork from Dean Cording's work. It uses a perl script to talk to the arduino and upload your hex file. It has instructions on how to install any extras to get your enviornment up and running.

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    Step 2

    Download the SDK. The bulk of working with these chips has already been done by the author. Arrange it to your liking. You will need the library headers and lib at least. The source is also the documentation so you will want that handy as well.

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    Step 3

    Download the SDCC compiler. This is your only free option. I don't have Keil, so I can't compare.

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