Bicycle brake light message

Why is there no brake lights on bicycles? Let's make some!

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In my country a lot of people user their bicycles for transportation. But I have never seen a bike with automatic brake lights. So what I want to do is display a random message like "Braking!" with large friendly letter when the accelerometer detects a deceleration of the bicycle.

Created a prototype and it seems to work just fine. Now I am waiting for the red lcd display to arrive from china (ETA 3 weeks)

Next step will be to mount the parts on a piece of wood in order to test it on my bicycle.

I am a bit worried about the power consumption but if it uses too much power the fallback plan is to use LED's instead of an LCD display.
  • 1 × accelerometer
  • 1 × teensy / arduino
  • 1 × red led matrix display
  • 1 × battery pack
  • 1 × resistor

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