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nick-johnsonNick Johnson 05/14/2015 at 18:202 Comments

The first programmer prototype is designed! You can see the layout here.

It's a fairly straightforward design, with an Arm Cortex microcontroller with USB doing the heavy lifting. The whole programmer board can be plugged into a breadboard for easy testing of new designs.

A capacitative voltage doubler and zener shunt regulator generates the 7.5V needed to program the greenpak, while a couple of analog switches prevent the programming signals from reaching the breadboarded device.

Here's the schematic in all its glory:

I'm holding off producing any samples until we've got a reasonable design and attachment method for the programming clip/socket discussed in the previous post.


Nick Johnson wrote 06/05/2015 at 16:02 point

Glad you like it! I'm sending out kits to alpha testers, but you'll need an official Silego dev kit to work with it. If you're not up for that, hang around for the Beta stage when I'll have a few of the programmers ready.

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Mechanical Advantage wrote 06/05/2015 at 15:57 point

This is flipping awesome. How far are you from a complete board? I want to buy one :)

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