29hrs - Complete!

A project log for Erzielboard

Erzielboard is a business card sized breadboard/development kit combination that's perfect for your next project!

Crypto [Neo]Crypto [Neo] 05/17/2015 at 09:120 Comments

So I'm calling this project complete! I've met all my goals, I have all the gerber files and a BOM which I could post online if I wanted. This PIC18F65F94 is really an amazing piece of work, I used the 64-pin variant and I'm glad I chose that one because I ended up using EVERY pin on the thing for this project; and being able to simply map the functions to the requisite pin made setting up everything a breeze! Here's a list of the features:

I think I remembered everything there :)

I had just enough pins to add 4 LEDS and 2 Resistive Touch buttons at the very end. I'm going to add a header to access the main I2C and SPI buses, that's the only immediate improvement for Erzielboard that I can think of.

If you like Erzielboard let me know! Leave a comment and let us know what you think!