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A project log for Return of the Jedi in Ice

I am recreating the lightsaber poster from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in a 20"x 40"x 8" ice block.

jordanJordan 05/23/2015 at 23:280 Comments

I tried the 3d scanning deal, and at only the cost of an used xbox 360 kinect($25 at your local gamestop,) I am glad i did, but the results where not good enough. Perhaps if i had the fuel3d Scanify it would have been awesome, but at 1300, as the usd to euro goes, it wasn't that much work.

So, I utilized i hired 2 people to model the hands and light saber and it cost me under $50. They are supposed to be done by tomorrow, but i got the first picture back today

and there is no way my CAD skills could have done this so quickly. i asked for a revision, as its not quite the match i was hoping for, but its a great start. Once o get that into my file, I can start working on the CAM side of things. I am excited.

edit - i got the rough from the second person.

I am eagerly awaiting a finished model to go forward.