Cad file done. now onto CAM

A project log for Return of the Jedi in Ice

I am recreating the lightsaber poster from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in a 20"x 40"x 8" ice block.

jordanJordan 05/24/2015 at 04:560 Comments

the Cad file is now done, thanks to the input from fiverr. if you need a model like this, I can recommend eirikra on fiverr -

Now I am onto CAM. This is going to be an interesting procedure, as the CNC machine doesn't have a tool changer, so it is important to order the processes flow so it is easy to keep the zero. I think we will use the 1/2" to dig out the backplane( the black and blue blade swoosh) and then use the 1/16th engraver to write the text and cut out the stars. after that, we will use the long 1/4" ball nose to get the detail on the blade and the hands and the two planets. this is going to take a lot of machine time, but i think it will be epic. we are shooting to have it done for next weekend. Now we just need a place to show it. I'm sure we will find somewhere to take in this little bit of awesomeness.