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A project log for S500 Quadcopter Build

A Project page for my S500 frame and APM2.6 Quadcopter build, with WiFi firmware loading via ESP8266

avrAVR 01/12/2017 at 21:280 Comments

So I found a solution to one of my problems with the project. Initially I was going to mount the display on my TGY-i10 radio but then I was like goggles are cooler. Off the shelf solutions are pricey so I was gonna design my own and 3D print them. Thanks to openess and sharing I won't have to:

Everything right there to print goggles for the 7 inch screen I have wired up and working with the 5.8GHZ radio. Now just gotta see if it will fit on my Rep1 style 3D printer bed.

Stay tuned.