Week 4 Progress

A project log for PRUSS support for newer kernels

A communication framework between ARM and PRUSS on BeagleBone Black

Shubhangi GuptaShubhangi Gupta 07/01/2015 at 10:420 Comments

1. Worked on user library code to allow individual PRU core boot and shutdown.
2. Wrote PRU firmware to receive interrupt from ARM and reply to ARM with another interrupt.
3. Make all three component work together : user program - driver - pru firmware.
4. Error handling in library.
5. Most importantly worked on repo to prepare it for tomorrow's evaluation. Prepared makefiles and added build procedure to Readme. git looks clean now.

Issues faced:
1. Circular queues already part of PRU-bridge. Need to discuss thoroughly with apaar regarding integration of these two to avoid code replication.
2. Exploring TI's progress on pru vring implementation taking time.
3. Cross-compiling 4.1 kernel is throwing errors.