Week 6 Progress

A project log for PRUSS support for newer kernels

A communication framework between ARM and PRUSS on BeagleBone Black

Shubhangi GuptaShubhangi Gupta 08/19/2015 at 05:340 Comments

1. This week was dedicated to getting the driver run on latest kernel. pruss remoteproc driver now successfully compiles and runs on 4.1.1. Patches for kernel source will be up by tonight.

Issues faced:
1. Compiling a new kernel for beaglebone black and preparing a SD card for it is one mammoth task for someone doing it for the first time. I'll write a blog post on that on my hackaday project page later.

2. Debugging several lines of kernel code which broke the driver when ported from 3.14 to 4.1.1

Next Week:
Get back to vrings.