Week 7 Progress

A project log for PRUSS support for newer kernels

A communication framework between ARM and PRUSS on BeagleBone Black

Shubhangi GuptaShubhangi Gupta 08/19/2015 at 05:350 Comments


1. vrings are allocated automatically from remoteproc driver if they are present in firmware resource table. Currently 2 vrings are permitted ( RX and TX ) each with 512 bytes sized buffers. Number of buffers in each ring can be maximum 512


1. Patches for 4.1 is postponed. It was eating up necessary time. More testing showed driver could not be probed again once removed. More files need to be patched.

2. vring's physical address in driver and that written to pru's memory are slightly different. Will have to resolve this issue asap so that messaging passing begins successfully.

Next Week

1.Try to finish vrings and begin writing example codes.