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Develop robust and affordable advanced sensing capability for 20,000 weather stations in Africa (lightning, precip water, ...)

nick-van-de-giesenNick van de Giesen 08/09/2015 at 19:112 Comments

The PCBs have arrived. There are actually two manufacturers. The first one was OSH Park (, the purple one in the image below. Because of the 17 August deadline, we needed to expedite the order. Including shipping, it took about one week. The combination of watching the Hackaday Shenzhen movie and an ad on Fritzing, made us decide to also order a set of five at PCBWay (, the green one in the image below. PCBWay took, in expedited form, five days to deliver and the costs were comparable to OSH Park. In general, it was nice to receive them, them being the first ever PCBs designed by us. It is a bit of a kick to design a PCB with Frizting, sending out some files, and then seeing that all the parts fit perfectly. Life is not always that way...

PCBWay gives a bit more flexibility in how many PCBs, the quality etc. They have a project page that has a bit the Hackaday look. They also show you the progess along the 14 productions steps, see below.


frankstripod wrote 08/09/2015 at 23:16 point

I downloaded Fritzing just to take a look. I'm hopping you will make the deadline!

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Nick van de Giesen wrote 08/09/2015 at 23:58 point

Thanks! I don't think we will make the 'product deadline'... too many things like housing etc that are too far from ready. But we will have everything for the quarter final.... Fritzing is probably very much for beginners but that is what we are.

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