Housing design

A project log for Team TAHMO

Develop robust and affordable advanced sensing capability for 20,000 weather stations in Africa (lightning, precip water, ...)

nick-van-de-giesenNick van de Giesen 09/18/2015 at 19:020 Comments

There are two objectives we need to reach before Monday, September 21st 1:50 PDT. The first objective is finalizing the code modules that communicate with the lightning sensor, the GPS and the outside worlh through the SDI12 protocol. Four hackers are working on that, two in Nigeria, one in Uganda, and one in Kenya. The second objective is the design and construction of the housing. Nadine Rodewijk has designed the housing in OpenSCAD. The PCB designed earlier will be placed veritically, the GPS will be attached to the top of the housing, and the batteries will be placed at the bottom. The image shows the design of the bottom part. The design will be 3D rpinted over the weekend to ensure we are ready before the deadline... Files will be shared through our GitHub repository (