Neopixel Demo

A project log for Thotcon 0x06 Badge Hacking

I attended Thotcon for the first time this year, largely in part to participate in badge hacking. I was not disappointed!

GigawattsGigawatts 05/17/2015 at 23:310 Comments

A few of you may have seen me walking around the after party with a blindingly bright flashy demo running on my badge. More than a few people stopped me to ask me how I managed to do that. Here is a very brief tutorial on how to get the Adafruit NeoPixel "strandtest" demo up and running on your badge. Be aware, if you continue to run the badge on the stock CR2032 lithium coin cells, this sketch will kill your batteries pretty quick. That's why I opted to install the supercaps, as mentioned in the project details page.