Lazzzer mount

Laser mount to repair old liquid handling robot

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3d printed master, molded with cast epoxy resin to usable part.I recently bought some equipment that served as liquid handling robot and try to make it to do all sorts of tricks.First of them are UV laser exposer for resist on variety of material for future etching.

To mount laser tube to linear guide on robot arm I decided to use professional 3d printig service.My reasoning was that I can get nylon part, that in worst case, can be used as final mount.Or can be cast in much stronger resin, with help of RTV silicone.I made model of my machine earlier, so it was just a minute with calipers and I had all dimensions I need for SW.

The size of  mounting bolts (M2.5 - more like screws) was my concern.I was not sure if that level of detail can be achieved on home 3d printer so yet another reason for outsource.The final one - lack of personal 3d printer - probably most justified ;)

Part came excellent, and I decided to make a mold and final parts in epoxy.

As you can see on pictures first attempt was to use glass filed one, turns out it had to much viscosity and overfilling mold does not helped either.With second attempt, with plain resin all went perfect.I had my concern about white surface, that can reflect some background or scattered light from laser, so next try was to paint it black.A good excuse to test that UV nail polish from aliexpress.Yeah, not very effective.But wait! What can happen when I mix it with one of 2 resin parts (polyol)? Success!

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