Update on rigid design

A project log for Light Square

Flexible and rigid square LED circuit boards for personal lighting projects

Chris HamiltonChris Hamilton 07/05/2015 at 23:250 Comments

Rigid version works quite well with a much lower 220'C reflow. I am using leaded solder, but I'll be trying some experiments to bring the SAC solder reflow to lower temp with a longer soak too.

We originally planned to make a low cost microcontroller version to just make pretty jewelry that integrates LEDs. Since the rigid is somewhere between this and a garment insertable panel, I figure it will most likely be used in DIY projects. I grabbed Adafruit's 5V Trinket board file and made a rough pattern for it as an optional controller. The result is available on Dirty PCB . We made an order of them (obviously) and we hope to start using and selling them in a couple weeks when we get them.

I'll still be working on a smaller footprint controller with battery power. Probably based on Cortex-M0 with Tag Connect SWD pads. It will be used for jewelry and small accents. I'll post the design in a new project.