Gateway 2

A project log for Home security

Home security project based on atmega and ardunio. MQTT gateway for data gathering.

vysocan76vysocan76 09/15/2019 at 12:110 Comments

I did not post too much updates recently, but I was quite busy with new version of gateway. I manage to draw and let fabricate new PCB with 32bit ARM chip as main controller. For the purpose of first design I have shrunk the PCB to 100x100mm, but I have managed to squeeze all component I wanted there. Good news is that I was able to stay on 2 layers, and avoid much more expensive 4 layer PCB. I made the board at pcbway with the cheapest 6/6 method and the quality stays similar to my free boards. I will stay with them for sure.

After realizing that 100x100mm PCB includes all I need, I will most probably stay with this new format. To sum up there is:

I guess it will pretty decent update to existing ATMega1284P.

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