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Home security project based on atmega and ardunio. MQTT gateway for data gathering.

vysocan76vysocan76 01/20/2018 at 18:170 Comments

Wireless nodes are part of OHS ecosystem. They serve as source of data from sensors, and as receivers for inputs. Inputs represents relays or other devices waiting for incoming commands. If you want to connect wireless node to gateway you need to set it up first. Start with download of example sketch from GitHub. Here is code for hardware version 1.4 If you have on hand version with on-board temperature sensor and USB charging circuit then you can use the code almost without change. Basically you need to modify just the setting for radio module. Here is the part for radio

// Radio
#define NODEID      14
#define NETWORKID   100
#define GATEWAYID   1
#define FREQUENCY   RF69_868MHZ //Match this with the version of your gateway #define KEY         "ABCDABCDABCDABCD" //has to be same 16 characters/bytes on all nodes, not more not less!
#define ENABLE_ATC  //comment out this line to disable AUTO TRANSMISSION CONTROL
#define ATC_RSSI -75 

From this you need to only change following:

NODEID      2     // is number from 2 .. 250, do not number the nodes with same NODEID!
FREQUENCY   RF69_868MHZ // depends on your country, leave it as is or put RF69_915MHZ
KEY         "ABCDABCDABCDABCD" // needs to match the KEY of gateway.
ENABLE_ATC        // leave as is for battery powered nodes
ATC_RSSI -75      // threshold for AUTO TRANSMISSION CONTROL, you can safely leave as it is.

To start with minimal changes only, change just NODEID to be unique and KEY to match the one from gateway.


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