Stair-climbing self-balancing robot

An awesome stair-climbing robot, capable of climbing large obstacles!

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Robot I developed during my Masters in Robotics at the University of Ottawa. It is meant to show how a very simple design can make a very functional robot. It is one of the most compact stair-climbing robots in the world. The video linked below highlights the robot's capabilities.

This robot has only four wheels and a rotating arm. With this it can stand up on its own, balance on two wheels, climb stairs and overcome large obstacles. It can climb obstacles that most larger robots cannot. Most stair-climbing robots have threads (like tanks) and are large and heavy. This robot weights 5 pounds, can travel up to 15km/h, and its battery lasts more than an hour.

Video here:
For all technical details, my thesis is publicly available here:

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james276657 wrote 03/16/2018 at 21:05 point

Hello.  This robot interests me.  I would like to build a modified version, a bit longer, say 1.5", making room for realsense electronics.  Would this extra length impair the stair climbing mechanics?

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Patrick Joyce wrote 09/23/2015 at 19:44 point

That is the most beautifull robot. Elegant and simple. I am seriously impressed.

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Phil Hilger wrote 05/24/2015 at 19:54 point

Great job. Wondering how you could prevent it from flipping up and keep a stable (horizontal) stand on top of it...

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The Big One wrote 05/21/2015 at 20:11 point

Brilliant!  Very nice work!

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wanchengjian555 wrote 05/19/2015 at 00:49 point


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Joseph Lavoie wrote 05/18/2015 at 17:35 point

I am building a track mover. Your work inspires. I will be looking into you controls more. Thanks for your post, Joe.

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zakqwy wrote 05/18/2015 at 14:27 point

Love the design! Great video too!

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Dominic Robillard wrote 05/18/2015 at 15:39 point


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