Precise water pump presentation stand

Visual beginners guide to microelectronics for my standup on one of Javascript meetups in Kiev.

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Well, this device is mostly for educational purposes )

It represents itself as learning device for beginners and visualise simplicity of first attempts - just wire everything right and use your basic skills in one of simples languages for development to get something real and working.

Build on top of Espruino clone board (sorry guys from Espruino, I really appreciate your work and already ordered some boards, but 3-4 weeks of arrival was really hard to wait for me and I just haven't that time before my speech) with simple components.

Main purpose of device - feed mug with precise amount of liquid in range between 50 to 100ml. Exact amount can be chosen with incremental encoder, also device check for cup presence with ultrasonic sensor and for low liquid level with infrared liquid sensor. Volume of feeded liquid controlled with PRZ-1800 hall water flow sensor. Valve and pump controlled with 5V relays and device rule 8x64 Led matrix with MAX7219 drivers over SPI.

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