Current status 2015-05-20

A project log for small-scope

An arduino based oscilloscope capable of ~150kS/s

marvinmarvin 05/20/2015 at 07:470 Comments

Most of the software is done(ish).

The firmware works decently, I'll probably rearange it at some point (put different pieces in different places). Just ironed out a bug/feature today.

The software is never done, but it's in good enough state, it works and it looks fine. It lacks some features I'd like to add.

The hardware is the main issue at the moment.

I have a "working" version based on girino, but that has some problems (well, mine has). First, I'd like an attenuator on input and some protection for arduino. I've modified some of the OP amp parts as well.

Currently I'm unable to make PCBs so the work si purely theoretical, but that should be resolved soon.