I've been looking at 3D printers for a long time, not for figurines, but for repair and design. I have a lot of ideas in mind. So I ordered an Anet A8 on gearbest at about $ 120. And a black PLA filament. But before receiving the package, hackaday opened his repair competition. Damn ... Will the package arrive on time?

It's been 15 days since I had my 3d printer and she worked a lot. 

Repairing the pedal bin, the mill wheel of the coffee maker, my phone stand for the car. But I chose to post this one. Everyone in a fridge, no ?

The first prototype did not work, the rod broke, I thought the screwed but I had seen a rivet with filament in the web or hackaday (I do not remember)

I was afraid that the screw broke the plexiglas.

So I printed a second part and its mirror. Then two rivets. Finally 2 additional rivets on the sides improved the maintain.

I also printed the reminder of the door, which had not been provided (used fridge) because the door was mounted the other way. Now I model the handle that is broken too...