Simple Voice Recognition With 1Sheeld

Turn a LED on and off using voice commands

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When I saw an advertisement on Facebook for 1Sheeld, I immediately knew that I had to have it. The ability to combine the power of my smart phone with the power of the Arduino is an incredible concept. This project is a tutorial that shows how to get the 1Sheeld working as quick as possible. I modified the existing voice recognition sketch to allow me to simply turn a LED on and off using voice commands on my phone.

This tutorial is for the absolute beginner. It assumes no previous utilization of the Arduino Uno or the 1Sheeld.

Here is a video showing what you will be able to do after following the instructions on this project. This is a very simple use for the 1Sheeld, but it shows how easy it is to start manipulating your smart phone in conjunction with the Arduino.

  • 1
    Step 1

    Purchase the Arduino Uno, the 1Sheeld, and some LEDs. Links to these items can be found in the components list.

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    Step 2

    Download the Arduino software (known as the Arduino IDE). Found at the following link:

    Always make sure to download and constantly update to the newest version of the Arduino IDE. This will save a lot of headaches in the future.

    For additional details on installing and connecting your computer to the Arduino IDE, please see the link below:

    Don't move to the next step on this tutorial until you have successfully uploaded the "blink" sketch to your Arduino. By this time, you should understand how to select the Arduino board in the "tools" menu of the Arduino IDE. You should also be able to determine which COM port to select. Once again, work through this link if you are having issues:

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    Step 3

    Attach the 1Sheeld to the Arduino. The pins on the 1Sheeld should fit directly into the Arduino.

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