Universal LED Lighting Controller for LED panels and RGB LED Strips

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In 1879 year Thomas Edison invented electrical incandescent bulb. Until today, every one rejoiced and used them. But nowadays everyone thinks about the ecology and resources and money saving. As one of the biggest spenders of energy is lighting ! Thank goodness because the world has come to save LED technology :) You can think that LED is f**king simple element (and it is so) but normal lighting devices with LEDs, it's become to a pretty complex device!
It is not enough to put electricity to two electrodes and that's all. You need LED drivers, controllers, current sources etc. to drive the LED's. Quite complex and it is not enough for all that - you want to drive them with a smart home automation controller (PLC) solution or control them from smartphone or raspberry pi. Normal chain of the LED lighting looks like this:
In order not to harass people, I've decided to develop a universal "simple" LED lighting controller


Why I want to develop this device?

Because currently I am renovating may flat and I am going to mount LED panels and LED strips in ceiling. And I want to control them through smartphone + wall switch. I could not find a normal solution which could satisfy my wishes + dim LED panels from 0 .. 100% with small steps !


  1. Drive LED panels
    • Switch them ON/OFF
    • Dim them using PWM
    • Dim from 0 .. 100% ( step 1% or less)
    • LED panel maximum power 25 W
  2. Drive RGB or White LED Strips
    • Switch them ON/OFF
    • Control individual channel - 3x channels ( red, green, blue)
    • Dim them using PWM
    • Dim from 0 .. 100% ( step 1% or less)
    • Get at least 100W from all channels together
  3. Supply input
    • Use standardised power supplies
    • Supply device from 12 V DC
  4. Functionality
    • The main control possibility must be wall switches
    • Additional control possibility must be control via electronic device like - PLC, raspbery pi, smartphone etc.
    • Devices must act as a MASTERS and SLAVES
    • MASTER must control, drive other SLAVES
    • 1 MASTER creates lighting zona, SLAVES drive own outputs according to the master output ( similar like when DMX512 two devices has the same address )
  5. Control
    • Using wall buttons, rotary encoder, presence sensor
      • 1. ONE position spring tape switch -> on/off
      • 2. TWO position spring tape switch Up/Down -> dim up/down
      • 3. TWO position spring tape switch Up/Down + ONE down spring tape switch -> dim up/down + turn on/off
      • 4. Rotary knob with encoder and button -> dim up/down + switch on/off
      • 5. presence sensor -> on/off
      • * from 1. to 4. cases presence sensor can be used additionally ONLY to turn lighting OFF if there is no movement more then 30 min. As if you forgot to switch lights off!
    • Through smartphone
      • Similar functionality like with buttons

  • 1 × EZR32WG330F63 Wireless MCU family with ARM Cortex-M4 CPU and sub-GHz Radio
  • 1 × TPS92690 or LT3956 Constant-Current, Constant-Voltage Converter
  • 1 × NTMFS4937NT1G Power MOSFET 30 V, 70 A, Single N−Channel, SO−8 FL
  • 1 × ZXGD3005E6TA 25V 10A GATE DRIVER
  • 1 × Miscellaneous IC's, passives elements and active elements Op-amps, comparators, opto-couplers, RF switche, resistors, capacitors, transistors, inductors

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C. Prichard wrote 05/20/2015 at 15:33 point

Should muse to offer this as service with ownership retained, strict term contract, deposit, and billed monthly. Who wouldn't want to finance this?

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