Supercon 2019

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Richard HogbenRichard Hogben 11/15/2019 at 01:481 Comment

Did you know there is a app that you can use to take photos and post directly to logs?


I'll be updating this log as Supercon 2019 progresses through the weekend!

Pre pre launch, music setup

Andrew preparing for Friday evening

Some crew!

A wild Sophi appears


Check in on Friday at Supplyframe

The badge

Badge talk by Spritetm

Badge hacking continues

Sticker table


Got the mood lighting on


Workshops at Supplyframe



Tindie hardware swap

Laser Harp

The back section full of soldering stations

Digikey table


SAO wall

An old microscope...

Kelly Heaton makes some really cool electronics art

Taco line starting

Taco line...

DJ one

DJ two?

Day three

Day three coffee

Kate Morris games for badges


Ian Shannon Weber wrote 11/16/2019 at 01:25 point

Obligatory First

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