SmartMatrix - LED Art Display and Music Visualizer

SmartMatrix is a beautiful music visualizer, dynamic art display, video game art display, and more!

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SmartMatrix is a beautiful music visualizer, dynamic art display, video game art display, and more. It's controllable, customizable, and extendable, allowing you to display your own animations and messages.

Customize what's on the screen with a remote control: choose what's playing, show a clock or message on top, and change settings, all from the remote. You don't need a computer or phone to control what's on the screen.

SmartMatrix is a product on Kickstarter, but it's also open source and you can build a version with similar functionality with a kit and about 30 minutes of through-hole soldering.

Patterns are generated on the fly by SmartMatrix and can be customized by selecting a color palette to match your decor or mood. Over 32 patterns are built into SmartMatrix.

Audio patterns react to music connected via a headphone-style cable. Cycle through the included patterns along with your favorite color palette. Connect SmartMatrix to the line-out port of your stereo or sound card, or use a Y-adapter to tap into the signal between your audio source and speakers.

Play 32x32 pixel GIF Animations on SmartMatrix. Find, convert or create your own 32x32 pixel GIF with any software that outputs GIF files and drag it to the SmartMatrix USB drive to add new animations. It's quite easy to use free online tools to convert large videos and GIFs into 32x32 pixel size.

On top of any content (Patterns, Audio Patterns, Animations), you can display a clock or scrolling message. A built in Real Time Clock module keeps track of the time, with battery backup to keep time even when unplugged.

  • 1 × SmartMatrix for Teensy 3.1 Bundle Available in the Hackaday Store
  • 1 × Teensy 3.1 Available in the Hackaday Store
  • 1 × External RTC Breakout (DS1307, DS1337, or DS3231) Available in the Hackaday Store
  • 1 × MCS 40393 8"x8" Shadowbox Picture Frame
  • 1 × MSGEQ7 Graphic Equalizer Breakout Board

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    Step 1

    Build instructions can be found on our SmartMatrix Instructable with a page dedicated to using parts from the Hackaday Store.

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Kristian Sims wrote 06/02/2015 at 19:41 point

So is there a difference between the kickstarter project and the Hackaday Store kit besides that the Hackaday kit requires soldering for assembly?

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Kristian Sims wrote 06/02/2015 at 19:43 point

By the way, those effects and colors are absolutely beautiful, and I probably will end up getting one one way or another. 

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Louis Beaudoin wrote 06/02/2015 at 20:09 point

Yes, here's the major ones:

You need to add more parts that aren't included in the Bundle to get RTC and Audio features that are included in the Kickstarter, and the Bundle doesn't include a frame.  (See the Instructables Link for details)

Kickstarter has a custom remote with buttons customized for the features in our software.

Bundle is easier to modify and program with custom code for as it uses a Teensy 3.1 and all the unused pins are brought out to a header.

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