Smart Home controllers

Making a Smart Home controller. Stations for each room will a master controller for the home

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Everyone knows smart homes are coming. This will be my take on it. I want to be able to save on energy costs. Monitoring the power and water usage of the home will hep with this. Also it will double as a home security system etc. Done right I will be able to tell a window is open, or if a pipe burst. Remotely monitor temperatures and adjust them according to what i want. In the long run this project is to use less energy and be more climate friendly.

Each sub-controller will use Adafruit 2.8 tft touchscreen with an ardiuno uno for now. The size format will allow it to fit in a standard outlet box.

The sub-controller will control the following in each room:
HVAC for fan, heating and cooling.
Lighting of the room
Home stereo system
Display Alerts
Alarm clock functions for the room.

The master controller will all monitoring off all rooms and override controls in the room . Is the gateway to the internet for the system and will have timers via a calendar.

Looking for someone one great with graphics. apply now!

Todo list for this week:

debounce touch screen for proper reading of touches to it.

software control of backlight. Will save on energy costs

Create images for menu system

Spec protocol for communication system between sub and master controllers

Debugging protocol

lots more of course needs to be done.

  • 1 × Beaglebone black
  • 1 × Arduino Uno
  • 1 × 2.8 TFT
  • 1 × Temperature Sensor
  • 1 × Light Sensor

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  • Overdue update

    john jensen10/26/2015 at 03:59 0 comments

    Moved, packed unpacked. Had issues with the wood stove in my work shop. Got a workshop. Could not find all my stuff.

    But update soldering is done. Need to work on some code changes this week. BUT hopefully by friday I will have the screen working under arm.

    The laptop hard drive did survive the move so after I get another one I can work on the orbiter function for linuxmce.

    Yes the project is still alive

  • ARM power

    john jensen08/17/2015 at 22:15 0 comments

    Got my stm32f103c8 in. Today was a pain but my build environment is setup and I can blink and led on it.

    Now to work on getting the lcd up and running. I need to make easier stuff

  • Failure to commit

    john jensen08/03/2015 at 19:47 0 comments

    Well, try as i might I can't get everything to fit on a 328p (yes i used an arduino board my avr code, you can't beat teh clone prices).

    So, I ordered a stm32f103, st-link and a few other odds and ends. They should all arrive next week. Crushes me for the deadline, But i know I can make a better system. One that Works. and just works none of that, turn this off, touch your nose. Hold your phone side-wise while pairing and order take out from a certain restaurant to get a light to turn on.

    My test bed works 100% (Individual room only). and I will be taking it places after I finish the master control to have regular people use it and give feed back.

  • Touch Screen Madness

    john jensen07/26/2015 at 23:00 0 comments

    Finally finished 90% of the touch code. I can create destroy and now detect touches for any object on the screen.

    I still need to wrap it all up into one file. But all the tests are done. the screens are built. Just need to tie it all together for room controller to be done.

    But the hard part of the code for it is finished. After I get it all complete I will update the project log with it.

  • Star date 20150716

    john jensen07/17/2015 at 00:48 0 comments

    Laying out the node boards in Kicad.

    The idea is one board. Be able to control it directly from the esp8266, or give it control of the 3v or 5v, use an npn or a pnp. WIth an additional header to program it with a jumper. Most of these boards are for motion sensors, window / door sensors, water sensors and etc. (2 sensors only for this layout).

    really it's jumper select madness. But should work for relays also etc. Still need to add some protection diode to the board

  • Christmas in July

    john jensen07/14/2015 at 22:39 0 comments

    one of my orders came in

    tp right coner. LDR's looks like they are shy. 5 PIR sensors, 10 relay boards (which is awesome since I only ordered 5 ) next to them some more esp8266 's. The bottom row is a nano, 2 water sensors and a fdti. (I swear my last one turned cyborg and left me for a better hacker). And my water flow sensor didn't make the photo shoot. My kid was playing with it.

    Happy hacking

  • LinuxMCE

    john jensen07/12/2015 at 01:00 0 comments

    Started kinda of working with the LinuxMCE team to make my device as a DEC so it is supported in the their system.

    The subnodes will be in between an orbiter and an actor. Just finished getting all the source code etc. Will be setting up a VM to do the testing.

    Got my BlueFruit LE Friend and it no workie. So sniffing the lights will happen later.


  • slide control

    john jensen07/10/2015 at 00:25 0 comments

    a picture

    what i have done here. This are slider controls. i can call them on the fly and put them any where i need them.

    a bit of code

    void slidervert(int x, int y){

    tft.fillRect(x,y,30,200, BLUE);

    tft.drawRect(x,y,30,200, WHITE);

    tft.fillRect(x+13,y+5,5,190, BLACK);

    tft.drawRect(x+13,y+5,5,190, WHITE);

    int n = 95;

    for (int a= y+9; a<190+y; a=a+10){

    tft.fillRect(x-5,a,40,2, WHITE);








    This is the in the rough code. I plan on having a theme setting so the color codes at the end will disappear and be replaced with a global setting so everything matches. Everything is just drawn, so I can move the button and just refresh the area i moved from. Which makes for a faster interface.

    The wife loves it. with out the button so see finger location she can dim a light.

    Up tomorrow is more dynamic objects for setting hard numbers.. Will be used in a lot of places in the project. I got a lot of pieces of the puzzle for the interface done. Did ten seconds of work on the master controller. Adding DCE support for LinuxMCE also. so it will act also as something between on orbiter and actor.

    I did the wrong bit mask so i need to update the icons so they have a proper back color. and will be making a custom font for it. need to start the git soon to store the code.

  • Interface update

    john jensen07/08/2015 at 22:04 0 comments

    throw out the old and in with the new

    much cleaner interface is being made. Working on the sub screens now. And yes I plan on the 3 of the 4 options being able to be changed based on the settings you want.

    these were done in gimp and will all be aligned right on the lcd.

  • Test bed

    john jensen06/27/2015 at 00:34 0 comments

    few shots of the test bed being made

    Notice I cut the jumper on the hot side (110v)

    I thought I had wire nuts but didn't :(. Will grab some tomorrow and finish up. It's 14-2 wire. With the top plug being controlled. Now is the time to see if it all fits.

    Oh and the lcd fits

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sir  how you made it secure that would be the biggest  concern according to me and 

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