Going for the Best Product Category!

A project log for Teensy Super Audio Board

Professional quality, 24 bit, 192kHz audio breakout board for Teensy 3.x, Raspberry Pi, and more.

RF William HollenderRF William Hollender 07/23/2015 at 03:510 Comments

My original goal with this project was to give something back to the Teensy community that has been super helpful. I wanted the design to be open source so that people can learn from it and make their own fun creations, but I also wanted to see if there was a market for this kind of high quality audio board.

So I decided that it would be fun to try to go for the best product category. Unfortunately, the deadline is fast approaching, so I'm going to be working hard to get some much needed updates in before August 17th.

Here are my goals for the next few weeks:

  1. Get 3 more boards soldered up to submit.
    1. I only have the one set up at the moment, and 2 other bare boards, so hopefully my next order of boards from OSHPark will make it before the deadline.
  2. Add objects to the Teensy Audio library to support the board.
    1. This will only work in a 16 bit mode for the time being for compatibility with the rest of the library.
  3. Put together better documentation for the project. There are three things that I'd like to complete:
    1. A usage guide
    2. An assembly guide
    3. A design document going through the design of each block in detail.

Look forward to more updates soon!