Quantity   Component name
2 × 9g Servo 9g Micro Servo
1 × Arduino Nano Obligatory Arduino, chosen for its size and availability (we had a few lying about)
1 × Hap-P-Kid Chromed Crusader A beat-up toy robot from 1992. He hasn't worked for many years and was missing an internal component or two.
2 × Corona DS-239MG Servo Low profile, metal gear servo. One of them is converted to continuous rotation
1 × 5mW Laser Pointer Module 6mm red laser pointer module from DealExtreme
2 × 3.7V 1000mAh Li Ion Battery
1 × Bluetooth Serial Port Module JY-MCU Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module from Dealextreme
1 × 4 Ohm Speaker Small speaker salvaged from a broken LCD screen
1 × 2GB SD card