Well here's the project, finally. After so many months I've finally uploaded it!

I got asked by a teacher at the Erasmus High School in Brussels to make a Game Boy XXL for him too. I've already put some time into the new one but since I've got a few other ongoing projects together with my exams it'll be for Summer.

There were a few things I had to sacrifice with the first Game Boy since I had less than a month to finish it, the FabLab didn't have any MDF either (there were a lot of projects going on):
1. Wasn't able to finish the backside's design, it doesn't look like the original's backside.
2. Corners were done by hand, it's not perfect. Will be using a milling machine after I have drawn the corners in 3D.
3. The Raspberry Pi is unremoveable (can access the SD card however). Will have a slider system (already testing an idea I have).
4. I'm reusing the monitor's speakers, they're not powerful. Will be adding an amplifier and larger speakers.
5. The D-Pad should be a little more tense, it's too easy to move it. (fixed this last month with the first Game Boy XXL).

Thus the next version will have a nicer finish and will be even better!
It will also have the original Game Boy's colors, the reason why I went with purple is because the idea was to have it look flashy for Nintendoom.