Initial project Planning

A project log for R2Desk2

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cognismithCognismith 04/02/2014 at 00:580 Comments

After settling on an overall concept, we began to hash out a few details.

Our plan is to create an easily extensible project so that we, or others, can refine and further extend R2 in the future.

To this end our initial design was to create a multipurpose hardware platform for configurable information reporting, with a view to basic human interaction in the future.

First we came up with a list of features we wanted to implement, discussed various feasibility issues then settled on a list of components that would make it into the first iteration of R2.

Below is a list of features that will make up R2 version one.

Hardware will include:

Software implementation will include the following components:

This week Kensbey will tackle some initial hardware tests, whilst Cognismith will complete design stage for each software component, and create some test framework for serial com and the plugin system.

The future

The initial specs are mostly a product a tight time frame, and far from what we want to see as a complete R2Desk2.

Although we can't add all of our ideas to the initial build, we will be designing R2 to be as modular and upgradeable as possible.
It also goes without saying, we will completely open sourcing our hardware and software, so that other hackers will be able create and improve on R2.

Below is a list of additional functionality we want to give R2 after the completion of the Iteration 1.