LASER projector progress

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kensbeykensbey 04/27/2014 at 22:040 Comments

So i am 90% complete on the laser scanner component of the project. unfortunately time is running out and the firmware still needs a little work. two rotating hubs were machined on my 3 axis router out of plastic. 6 mirrors were then glued to these hubs and press fitted to the motors. IR reflectance sensors detect the motor speed and position for calibrating with the laser control.  This was all taped into place for positioning and then epoxied in place. Hackaday style if i ever saw it. 

The laser shines on the horizontal mirror assembly first which scans slowly (1 revolution for every six frames). this is then reflected onto the high speed mirror which scans at a much faster rate.  this allows the laser to be toggled to produce a picture on a nearby wall. Hurrah.