• EXCEL analysis software now added

    peter ward04/18/2018 at 22:58 0 comments

    The project software folder now includes an Excel application that will accept the SD card data from the mapping module and produce CSV files to suit Garmin, Google Earth, or GPSVisualizer  displays.  A supporting document outlines basic setup and operation.Files for GPSVisualizer displays allow use of chosen markers and colors for your points, a feature the CSV parser on Google Earth does not support. The VBA code within the workbook is  not locked so you can modify this application as you wish.

  • Three years field use, no changes needed

    peter ward04/16/2018 at 20:00 0 comments

    After three years of field use, this project's Arduino software has not needed any modification. The membrane keypad failed quickly, and was replaced with an identically faced click-buttton type which has performed faultlessly:-


    Some features of the accompanying Excel based spreadsheet were found to be unnecessary, and the main function of converting the SD data from the Arduino into Garmin POI files was the mostly used function.

    The original Excel spreadsheet was not released with this project and I am now preparing a version suitable for public release, which will enable the primary function of
    preparing Garmin POI files from the SD data produced y the GPS.