Board Rev 1.0

A project log for ESP-01 & ESP-03 Breakout

Breakout board for ESP8266 ESP-01 & 03 modules

drewrisingerdrewrisinger 05/23/2015 at 03:200 Comments

So the boards have been sent out to OSH Park for manufacturing (as of 2am last night/this morning). Current size is around 1.36"L x 1"W, which might be able to be shrunk a little more in future revisions.

Now that I have a 1.0 version, I figured it was time to actually put the project out there for feedback and educational purposes. I will detail those aspects in separate posts, but I just want to leave the board information here in this post for now.

The board layout (done in Ultiboard because that's what I am familiar with and had available) can be found in my Github Repository. The board can also be found at OSH Park.

QtyRef#Part #DescriptionPrice (ea)
1U1ESP8266ESP-01 or ESP-03 Microcontroller$4
1U2LD1117AS333.3V 1A Step Down Regulator. (SOT33)$0.68
1C2GRM188R7E104KA01D0.1 uF Ceramic Capacitor. (0603)$0.10
2C1, C3GRM219R60J106KE19D10uF Ceramic Capacitor. (0805)$0.15
4R1, R2, R3, R4ERJ-3GEYJ103V10k 1/10W SMD Resistor. (0603)$0.10
1R5ERJ-3GEYJ102V1k 1/10W SMD Resistor. (0603)$0.10
1LED1LTST-C190KFKTOrange SMD LED. (0603)$0.26
2S1, S2KMR221NG LFSMIni Tactile SPST Switch. NO, 0.05A 32V.$0.51
1S3PCM12SMTRSlide SPDT Swtich. 300mA 6V.$0.81
J1, J2, J34-103741-0
Breakaway .1" Headers. 40 position (break off 2x 7 pos and 1x 6)$1.94