Pro Trinket radio controlled car

Radio controlled car made for pure fun (and arduino-fu exercise)

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Radio controlled car made for pure fun (and arduino-fu exercise). It's my first attempt at coding a medium sized project and my goal is to maintain some coherence and integrity.

The code is segmented into 6 files and (I think) profusely commented in spanish. I may translate it to english if anyone is iterested (but... look at my english level :-)

I hope this code may be interesting for anyone who wants to move from basic to intermediate arduino-fu :-)

Code is at


  • Y axis of the left stick controls the drive motor
  • X axis of the right stick controls steering
  • Keeping L2 pressed limits steering
  • Keeping R2 pressed limits top speed
  • In "normal mode" it displays speed, steering position and some other debug info.
  • Start enters in setup menu (and stops car)
    • Nice keypress sound made with the motor driver (PWM whizz)
    • Keypad up/down selects item
    • X = confirm
    • O = exit/cancel
  • Values changed in the menu (variables about speed, steering...) are stored into EEPROM so they are reboot-resistant.

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  • 1
    Step 1

    Dissasemble the RC car and keep the chassis structure, suspension (if exists); wheels, motor, gearbox and so on. Receiver board, remote and plastic body/aileron can go now to the parts bin

  • 2
    Step 2

    Make space in the battery holder for the LiPo (dremel it until it fits)

  • 3
    Step 3

    Remove the geared motor that drives the steering and replace it with the servo (dremel, metal pins, hot glue...)

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