Received LED boards

A project log for Wireless Flux Capacitor

A networked flux capacitor status indicator.

BeamsjrBeamsjr 04/07/2014 at 15:110 Comments

Over the weekend I received the LED boards. I had ordered 2 sets. One with breadboard mountable header for testing, and another with a GPS style micro connector. I got some LED's soldered on the breadboard compatible  one and tested, I was relieved to see it worked first try. Looks so much better than the through hole led's I was testing with.  I went ahead and started on the boards with the micro connector, got them all soldered and hooked them up. Uh oh, something's not right! I'm getting all kinds of weird sequences coming out. Two days later and a lot of head smashing I finally realized I had changed the connector layout on the mini connector, change a few pins around and I'm all set!