• Milling and assembling

    hebel2307/21/2015 at 18:52 0 comments

    The new arms are made of 10mm plywood instead of 4mm in the first version. The frame itself is made of 6mm plywood.

    The arms can be collapsed. So you can pack the copter to save space.

  • New design

    hebel2307/21/2015 at 18:43 0 comments

    After the fail of the last frame I decided to make a new, stronger design. Maybe it looks not as nice as the old design. But it should be much stronger and more reliable.

  • Lesson learned

    hebel2307/08/2015 at 19:25 0 comments

    OK. The very first flight was a terrific letdown. The copter crashed just from half a meter height. The 4mm plywood is obviously not the right choice for this project...

  • The PDB (Power Distribution Board)

    hebel2306/04/2015 at 20:32 0 comments

    To have enough power on the motors it is necessary to distribute the accu power in a proper way. For this purpose I have milled a power distribution board on my CNC router (of course ;-) from a double sided FR4 board...

    The top layer is for "+" and the bottom layer for "-"

  • Mounting the ESC´s

    hebel2305/30/2015 at 14:20 0 comments

    Today I had a little time to assemble the ESC´s (Electronic Speed Controller).

    Unfortunately the motor cables were a little bit to short. So I had to extend the cables.

  • Mounting some electronics

    hebel2305/26/2015 at 20:02 0 comments

    OK. Doday I have mounted the brushless motors and checked the fitting of the accu and the flight controller. The next step is to mill a power distribution board!

  • Wood working

    hebel2305/23/2015 at 20:45 0 comments

    OK. The parts were milled. Let´s assemble it!

    All parts together not even weigh 90 grams.

  • The 3D design

    hebel2305/23/2015 at 20:37 0 comments

    First of all I needed a 3D design for the new frame.

    For this task I used FreeCAD for another time. I like this software!!!