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peter jansenpeter jansen 08/14/2015 at 07:311 Comment

This is probably the strangest video anyone has ever made about computed tomography scanners, or entered into the Hackaday Prize. But last year's videos were so serious, so I decided to have a little fun this year.

I had the opportunity to make four more detectors while filming the quarterfinals video, and and filmed the atypical parts of the build process, including the wrapping (both with the electrical tape and conductive tape shield), as well as the ground wire installation. I'd like to put together a longer video that illustrates these processes, to make it easier for folks working to build their own detectors.

Changing the sample container size from 2 inches to 3 inches in diameter caused a full design revision for mechanical issues, including the imaging array board. Below the new imaging array board can be seen holding four of the sixteen total detectors. A new microcontroller board should arrive in the next few days to drive this board, so that we can get back to imaging!

Similarly, to accommodate the new imaging array board, the linear motion system on the mechanical platform had to become 6mm larger. This is visually indistinguishable in the pictures, but meant the entire rig had to be disassembled and reassembled using new (slightly differently patterned) laser cut parts.

While filming, I had the opportunity to put the tomographic platform together, and hope to also put together a timelapse video illustrating this process for folks interested in constructing their own.

Just a quick update, and a little less frequent than normal (I was on vacation back home in Canada for a few weeks!), but stay tuned -- thanks for reading!


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